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I am so excited to offer this workshop once again!

Fall its here! Let's embrace the natural shifting of the season in our Body, Mind, and Soul by gathering together as women and pausing to nurture ourselves and reflect on what we would like to welcome into our lives this spring.  

"Self-care is not selfish...we cannot give from an empty vessel." --Eleanor Brownn

You are invite to take this opportunity as a gift to yourself and your loved ones. To be in a safe space and simply empty your vessel and care for yourself..

This is a time for you to nurture the deepest parts of your soul in order to open and allow new room for all the blessings coming your way NOW!

We will be honoring our bodies as well as our minds and soul with some of the gifts our Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) offers to us.

We will be exfoliating our skin with a gentle face scrub, bathing our faces and breathing in flower and herbal steam, and cleaning and opening our pores with an organic Mud Mask. We will bring life back into our cells with flowers and herbal tonics, and finishing with beautiful handmade lotions and essential oil blends that will revitalize our skin and senses. 

Throughout this beautiful and nurturing time we will also be giving attention to our breath and our bodies with gentle and opening movements that will allow us to feel at home inside of ourselves. 

We know first hand how much it takes to give love and take care of families. Please take this time to rebuild your ~You~ from deep in the Soul to the beautiful skin of your Temple. 

When: Friday, November 15

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Left Coast Arty Studio 1188 Los Osos Valley Rd. Los Osos, CA

Cost: $55

Only 11 spaces available! Must pre-register at to reserve your space. (Please note this workshop is normally Sold Out, so hold your spot as soon as you can)



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