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Hands-On Skin Care Spa (Private Event)

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Are you ready for some well deserve Self-Care? This will be perfect opportunity for you to give yourself the gift of

This is a perfect time to Balance our body, mind, and Spirit! Time to embrace the lovely Fall time by cheering up and Shining our brightest radiant light! We come together to allow the healing rays of sunshine to penetrate our bodies to Clear, Clean, and Balance from the deeper parts of ourselves and to make space for the light! A time to be outdoors, reconnect with your garden, empower our creativity. Time for Love and Compassion and vibrant selfs...

So let's dive in together into this beautiful process of clearing, releasing, and balancing our vessel in order to make New space for a more Clean, Clear, and Balanced self. 

I invite you to take this opportunity as a gift to yourself and your loved ones, to be in a safe place where you can create that space of peace and harmony inside yourself. This is a time for you to nurture the deepest parts of your soul in order to open and allow new room for all the blessings coming your way NOW!

We will be honoring our bodies as well as our minds and soul with some of the gifts our Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) offers to us. We will be bathing our faces and breathing in flower and herbal steam, cleansing and opening our pores with an organic Mud Mask. We will bring life back into our cells with flowers and herbal tonics, and finishing with beautiful handmade lotions and essential oil blends that will revitalize our skin and senses. 

Throughout this beautiful and nurturing time in a very sacred home garden space we will also be giving attention to our breath and our bodies with gentle and opening movements that will allow us to feel at home inside of ourselves. 

We know first hand how much it takes to give love and take care of families. Please take this time to rebuild your ~You~ from deep in the Soul to the beautiful skin of your Temple. 

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