Leather Wrap Bracelet Class Dec 2


Haven't you always wanted to learn to make these! Well Julie Bales is a great teacher so here's your chance. I recommend you print up the materials list and take it down to your local bead shop, they can help you to find all of the things you'll need. Then join us for a fun afternoon to learn to make these beautiful and much sought after bracelets. Once you've made one you will be hooked. We recommend visiting Bohdi Hodges at Cambria Beads or Beads by the Bay in Morro Bay to find all your materials. 

To make a two wrap bracelet, people should come to class with..


  • Round leather- 1mm-2mm depending on the look they want- 48 inches long.

  • Carded thread- #3 1-2 packets- brown goes with everything

  • Beads- 4mm-6mm works best. You must be able to thread through twice. Czech beads have a variety of colors and work well. Bring about 4 stands. It's easier to stick with the same size for your first bracelet.

  • Button- choose a button with a shank for closure.

  • Two binder clips and a bead board or box top to work on.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.
— Picasso